AXcess Racing LLC Mission Statement

“Putting young talent on the track”

To provide a rewarding and enjoyable experience for young rider athletes so that they may develop a lifelong passion for the sport of motorcycle racing. And to encourage development of a greater fan base for the sport of motorcycle racing.

AXcess Racing LLC is dedicated to providing each athlete team member with opportunities to develop their riding abilities and racing skills. AXcess Racing LLC strives to guide and motivate each athlete to accomplish his/her goals while est
ablishing a foundation of skills with an emphasis on fun, education, mastering challenges and building camaraderie and respect in a competitive environment. Eligible racers are between the ages of 14 and 20 years old.

AXcess Racing LLC Program Philosophy

The philosophy of the AXcess Racing LLC program is to provide athletes with the best training and race experience possible so that they can reach their maximum desired potential. In order for athletes to reach their maximum potential, the AXcess Racing LLC program takes a long-term approach to athlete development by focusing initially on the mastery of high-level riding skills and then on development and fine-tuning of racing techniques and tactics. The basic fundamentals of AXcess Racing LLC include athlete program development in a fun-filled environment, representation of program sponsors, athlete support at race events and athlete/parent education.

AXcess Racing LLC strives to ensure that athletes are prepared leading up to and during race events. This preparation comes from practice and coaching at non-race “trDavid coachingack day” and at race events and from individual athlete health and fitness evaluations and recommendations. The intent is to prepare the athlete so that they are optimally fit, competitive and safe while on the track and to provide them every opportunity to reach their maximum potential.

AXcess Racing LLC provides coaching support for team athletes during the training and racing seasons. This support may include transportation of equipment, venue/track review, equipment inspection/preparation, rider preparation, review of performance (during practice, qualifying and racing) with recommendations, and review of results.


Athlete and parent education are critical elements of the AXcess Racing LLC program. AXcess Racing LLC coaches and advisors keep up to date on the latest equipment developments, coaching techniques and particular race series rules to ensure athletes and parents are also kept up to date. This information is distributed via email newsletters, parents meetings and/or on-site formal and informal discussions with both athletes and parents.

AXcess Racing LLC maintains close relationships with sponsors of the program and the athletes/parents to ensure sponsor representation is satisfactory and appropriate. Financial support from AXcess Racing LLC is based on need and available funds. Each athlete and their parents are expected to participate in the creation of an appropriate practice and race schedule and planning for the financial means to accomplish it.