medAge Preseason Training Camp underway for Lewis and McFadden—Optimizing Performance for 2017

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Road racers Nick Mcfadden and Jake Lewis attended the medAge preseason training camp only a few weeks ago and are already seeing a positive change in their performance.

McFadden explains, “The medAge team tested multiple areas of my body to see what categories I was strong in and where I needed improvement. I started with learning more about nutritional … as well as starting to clean up my body and daily food choices that I make. I learned what to look for in foods I eat; such as (types of) carbs, fats, calories, etc.” He goes on to say, “I have been using the knowledge I gained to make better choices while I’m out to eat or even strolling through the grocery store. It has improved my overall mood and I feel more fit and like I have more energy on a daily basis.”

McFadden and Lewis Train Hard for 2017!

Jake Lewis is dedicated to his new nutrition and training programs. Lewis states, “I was really excited to learn new things about my fitness, nutrition, and overall health to prepare myself for the 2017 season. While I was in the office it was great to see some of my strengths and weaknesses so I know the proper way to go about my training. My habits and how I make choices now are a lot more smart and I enjoy seeing myself making progress in a short amount of time. Living on my own can be tough with making healthy choices with going out to eat but now I know what to look for in food and how to order when I go out with my friends. Going to the grocery and preparing myself for the week ahead is much more efficient now and I have a purpose for everything I put in my body”.

In addition to nutritional testing and coaching, Lewis and McFadden underwent biometric and neurophysiology testing and were advised on sport-specific exercise, injury prevention, stretching, and breathing techniques. Lewis explains, “By following this program I feel I have more energy and also sleep better which is important for recovery. Also for the training side of things it is great to have a set schedule. Waking up every morning and not having to worry about what you are going to do that day has helped me out quite a lot. I have been training smarter and working on the areas of my body that need to be stronger for next season. Overall in just the short amount of time I feel much better and can’t wait to see how my body shapes up for next season”.

Lewis and McFadden @ the track!


Nick McFadden shares his experience, “I have been working on my fitness and hydration. The medAge team did a wonderful job of testing my body and creating a personalized, goal-oriented plan for my specific needs. It has really elevated my physical fitness and is guiding me to a whole new level that I have never achieved before.”


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